What is Element LIMS
version 7 Migration?

Migrate an Element LIMS version 6 environment to version 7
  • Database
  • Outputs
  • Peripheral Components
  • Custom applications
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What are the
Phases of Migration?

Laboratory led with Promium support
  • Assessment & Planning
  • Conversion
  • Configuration
  • Go-Live
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How to get started?

Included with your laboratory's active maintence agreement
  • Promium Campus
  • Laboratory defined Migration Team
  • Promium provided Phase Success Managers
  • Tools and resources
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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Interested in Migration to Element LIMS version 7?

Step 1: Request enrollment to Promium                            Campus to learn more.

Step 2: Begin Phase 1- Assessment and Planning

Step 3: Use Promium Campus courses to                            •Connect with resources
             •Gain knowledge for configuration                           •Manage End User training